Van Gaal will not quit

Despite reports claiming that Louis van Gaal offered to resign after the 1-0 home defeat to Southampton, the Dutchman doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. The 64-year-old allegedly told Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward that he’s prepared to quit.

However sources close to van Gaal have revealed that he will not quit his position as Manchester United manager. The former Barcelona manager once again finds himself under intense scrutiny as his squad continues to produce lackluster and feeble performances. United have only managed to score 13 goals in 11 Premier League home encounters this season, and currently sit in 5th.

Despite recent shortcomings, Ed Woodward is ready to defy an avalanche of fans’ displeasure and looks set to support van Gaal as United manager. Woodward is unlikely to so adamantly back van Gaal without the support of the Glazer family, so for the moment it seems that the owners also have belief in the current manager’s policies.

Dutch football correspondent Marcel Van der Kraan believes that criticism will only drive van Gaal forward, he stated, “Louis is not a quitter. The more people get on his back, the more he will stick by what he’s doing. Louis has always dealt with pressure in his career and from time to time that has really got the best out of him”.

So far this season United have exited the Champions League and the Capital One Cup unexpectedly early, and are currently not in contention for the Premier League title. Silver wear appears to be a distant reality this season, with United looking like a fraction of the offensive force they used to be.

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photo credit: Paul Blank

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